Mega Man Battle Network Compilation (2015)

by EliteFerrex & Capcom



This is the completed version of a newly-updated Mega Man Battle Network Compilation! The mix includes a total of 9 tracks from Battle Network 1, Battle Network 3 Blue/White Version, Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation, Battle Network 5 Team Protoman/Colonel, and Mega Man Network Transmission for the Gamecube. The times and track names are listed below. Enjoy!

0:00-0:25 - Intro
0:26-0:54 - "Theme of Rockman.EXE" - MMBN 1
0:55-2:00 - "Running Through the Cyber World" - MMBN 1
2:01-2:42 - "Fire Field" (Fire Man's Stage) - MMBN 1
2:49-3:36 - "Operation!" (Virus Battle Theme) - MMBN 1
3:37-4:34 - "Liberate Mission!" - MMBN 5
4:36-6:10 - "Theme of Hero" - Mega Man Network Transmission
6:11-6:41 - "Save a Life" (Hospital Comp) - MMBN 3
6:52-7:13 - "Farewell"/"Final Transmission" - MMBN 3
7:15-7:42 - "Metal Shooting" Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation
7:43-8:01 - Outro


released June 22, 2015
All original songs copyright Capcom. No copyright infringement is intended.
This track copyright EliteFerrex 2015.




EliteFerrex Rancho Cucamonga, California

EliteFerrex is a legacy gaming and electronic musician based in Southern California.

The primary form of his work stems from the creation of "limitless" 8-bit and 16-bit music, which uses retro synthesizers to employ classic 8-bit and 16-bit sound with the expanded capabilities of modern production software to overcome the traditional hardware audio limitations of classic gaming consoles. ... more

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